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We are a Software Development and Consulting Company focused on Reactive Systems and Fast Data.
We help customers get ahead of the competition by solving their technical challenges effectively.
We are experts in delivering high scalable solutions.

Highly skilled Developers

We focus on Scala and FP for big data, machine learning, and reactive systems. We can help you to reap the advantages of the Scala ecosystem like Akka, Play, and Spark among others.


We contribute back to the Scala Community with blogposts, code and hosting the Scala meetup in Uruguay.


We share our knowledge taking our speakers to Scala and FP conferences all around the world as FlatMap, ScalaDays, Scale By the Bay, among others.


Scalents' Events

Scale by the Bay

Scale by the bay 2018

Join our CTO talk at Scale By the Bay.
Streams! Streams offer an interesting conceptual model to processing pipelines that is very functional programming oriented. The streaming paradigm is very well suited to deal with a constant flow of data and Akka streams is a powerful implementation of it. It offers a set of composable building blocks for creating asynchronous and scalable data streaming applications. In this talk we will live code from a very basic stream to a data aggregation pipeline that interacts with multiple services

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ScalaDays 2018 NYC

We are proud to be sponsors at the biggest scala conference! Hope to see you all there.

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Scalents at FlatMap Oslo 2018

Watch the complete video of the talk "The (un?) reasonable effectiveness of mathematics in computer programming"

Here! Conference site
Scala Meetup Montevideo Uruguay

Holding Meetups

As part of our mission we started meetups of Scala and Play Frameworks in Argentina and Uruguay to share our knowledge about this great technology and spread the word!

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Our Services


We provide you expert Remote Software Engineers to became part of your team.

Near shore

We can provide you a dedicated team and management tools for visibility and communication with our team and it's work.


If you are evaluating Scala, we can help you determine which framework is better for you and understand the benefits and learning curve. Also, we can train your team on Functional Programming in Scala.

What People Say About Us


Pedrazzini Bernie

Director of Global Development @ SMG - Chicago, USA

Scalents helped us to build our Media Optimizer by implementing complex mathematical models with a great performance. They definitely mastered Akka and Scala.


JP Perez Etchegoyen

CTO @ Onapsis Inc. - Boston, USA

Scalents helped us to quickly scale our team with solid technical skills. Alex was a key part of this process by understanding our needs and finding the right team. They adapted very fast to our startup model and helped us to define processes to improve our development life-cycle. We really enjoyed to work with them!.


Agustin Hernandez

CEO @ Xmartlabs - Montevideo, Uruguay

We are very happy about scalents' services, they are very professional and have a deep understanding of Scala and FP. We definitely recommend them as the way to go.


Mariano Soukop

Owner @ Southplans - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Great team! They are skilled software developers that quickly adapted to our development processes and helped us to reach our goals.

Our Team

Ready to take your next big step?

We are looking the best scala developers to join our team.

We work with multicultural companies open to remote positions.
If you know or are interested in Akka, Scala, Play Framework, Lift or Functional Programming
tell us more about yourself and we will let you know about the opportunities we have for you.

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Latest blog posts

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Using Akka Http to create a test server

In a recent post we explored akka http, how to define routes, handle requests/responses, and deal with json marshalling/unmarshalling using spray. Once you know the syntax for defining routes and manage json....

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Basic Category Theory for (Scala) Programmers (Part I)

“Aren’t you tired of just nodding along when your friends starts talking about morphisms? Do you feel left out when your coworkers discuss a coproduct endofunctor?

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Blog-post Thumbnail

How to create an Akka HTTP Server

The Akka HTTP modules implement a full server-side and client-side HTTP stack on top of akka-actor and akka-stream. It offers two different API with different levels of abstraction: a high-level one and a low-level one.

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